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Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer.

Usually, sexual harassment is basically a form of employment discrimination that involves unwanted sexual advances such as groping, touching, or rubbing. Sexual harassment may also involve other verbal and physical actions in the workplace which are sexual in nature. Despite there being many laws to prevent employers from discriminating employees or promoting a working environment that is hostile, it is still common to find sexual harassment and discrimination in the working environment. With the help of US Attorneys sexual harassment lawyer, you can be able to pursue justice and protect your right.

It is often difficult deciding to file a claim against the employer especially if the situation is personal, stressful, and embarrassing. Usually, many employees fear filing the claim to avoid further harassment or retaliation. Since US Attorneys possess adequate knowledge in such cases, they will help you get the justice you need. The attorneys will handle your case from investigation, trials, and settlement.

Basically, not every comment that is offensive will qualify to be sexual harassment. You should, however, talk to a sexual harassment lawyer when faced with such a situation. Usually, by analyzing your claims, US Attorneys will help to determine if your sexual harassment claims are valid. The employee should, however, follow certain steps to remain protected whenever harassed sexually. The organization might, for instance, have policies that allow employees to report cases of sexual harassment to other employees in managerial positions or the HR.

When sexually harassed, a harassment lawyer would be helpful in a different way some of which include the following.

1. Ensures you are protected.

Apart from assisting you to prepare the harassment report, the attorney will also offer advice to keep yourself protected. First, the attorney will advise you to document the harassment as well as any discussion with your employer about it. Secondly, the attorney will help you on how you can deal with the offender if such harassment continues. The attorney will also help you to monitor the response by the employer to your complaint to ensure the employer does not retaliate.

2. Performing harassment investigation.

Usually, the employer is by law required to investigate and handle sexual harassment claims. But since the matter could negatively affect the organization, the employer might handle the investigation properly. However, US Attorneys sexual harassment lawyer would help ensure the investigation is conducted properly.

3. Determining retaliation.

It is prohibited to retaliate after sexual harassment incidence is reported. Retaliation could take different forms such as termination as well as disciplinary write-ups. Other forms of retaliation include being excluded from events, meeting or social outings.

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